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Hi, I’m Allie. Mom-boss of three beautiful girls. I am an advocate for all mothers, an educator for new mothers, an ambassador for #mompower. I love being a mom: waking up daily to three smiling kiddos with amazing bed hair (and the smell of my freshly brewed coffee before the onslaught of hugs and the froth of bad morning breath from my bubbly little monsters…I mean, girls).

I know that I am blessed, and I’m incredibly grateful. But to be honest, I am also a nostalgic sap yearning for the lazy Saturday mornings pouring over pointless Pottery Barn catalogs, countless episodes of House Hunters, warm blankets and (unspilt) hot coffee, with only the faintest of plans to hit the gym and go to the grocery store. Because, let’s face it: once a mom, always a mom. There’s no going back.

Switching to Momhood— as precious and daunting as it is– new mom in the ‘hood, old mom in the ‘hood– is hard. It requires strength like no other. It is demanding and rewarding. And you can’t possibly understand it until you’re there. I designed this blog as a place for moms to gain sanity, find comradery, remember what life was like before babies, how to seek out your new mom-self, and rock it every long, long day. I hope you enjoy it!

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