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Truth: Target Charges Admission

Truth: Target Charges Admission

Target now charges an admission fee if you shop with your children. Pay at the Starbucks, receive a Cake Pop, and enter through the Target sanity center. #Targetstyle #Parentinghack

Some weekdays, if you’re unlucky, you will see me at Target shopping.

One child in the Ergo simultaneously searching for my boob and reaching in my nose, one child whining while strapped in the shopping cart seat, and one child climbing around the cart’s perimeter like it’s a ship cast in the stormy seas.

Oh, and I am typically struttin’ my stuff with the day worn all over my clothes: stickers, boogies, drool, crumbs, you name it. It’s a pretty sight.

Now, while I am typically a deal-finder, when I’m in Target I am the finder of all the things, deal or no deal.

So, one day I had a bright idea. Actually, I just saw another mom do it first. Anyways, tucked in the corner of Target was the golden egg, the magical remedy to all of this Target Terror.

For $1.95 +tax you can purchase The Cake Pop at the Starbucks. 18 grams of pure refined sugar that you can place right in the hands of your little one.

So, while Target now has a mandatory admission fee for us, I enjoy getting my Target on… for at least 10 solids minutes of sane, quiet shopping.