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Yes! Read to Your Newborn

Yes! Read to Your Newborn

Reading is so important for our littles. Yes, even at the very start of their tiny existences. You might find it surprising that your sleepy bundle could benefit from a story at this age, but it’s true! You should start reading to your child beginning in the newborn months.

Why Reading to Your Newborn is Important

Reading to your newborn has several benefits for both you and your baby.

Bonding time

Cuddling up and reading a board book with your baby in your arms is the perfect way for her to hear your voice and enjoy some pictures. You will also reap the rewards of simply holding your baby close to you for a little quiet time together.

Exposure to Language

I always joke that I must have read too many books to my first-born because she is an excessive talker, has a pretty wide vocabulary, and loves to read books now at the age of 5. Reading to your baby will expose her to so many words, inflections, cadence, and tones. Studies show that reading to your baby can boost their vocabulary and reading skills for years to come. [1]

Emotion Ques

Reading to your baby exposes them to all kinds of emotions from the faces you make as you read the book, the pictures in the books themselves, and the different voices and inflections you use. Later in infancy, your baby will be able to make the connection between a smile on the page to a smile on her face.

Introduces Concepts

Depending on the book you read, your baby will learn about numbers, colors, shapes, emotions, and patterns. Now, at the newborn stage, your baby isn’t going to see a whole lot of details or understand any range of a concept except for she is looking at something. Try to find some books with lots of definition (black and white picture books are pretty popular with newborns since they can see contrasted images better).

Dolly Parton Library Books

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library

This is one of the most treasured freebies I have found for my children: The Dolly Parton Imagination Library. As my husband says, Dolly Parton is a saint. You can register your children on their website from birth to age 5 and your child will receive a book in the mail each month for FREE! Not only do my three kiddos get excited when they get a book in the mail, but the books we have received are beautiful and have really thoughtful messages in the stories. The books are all age appropriate, so my baby receives board books with different themes like shapes and colors, while my older child receives more intricate narratives that all have a value or moral. I cannot speak more highly about this program! Now, not all geographic areas have a local affiliate, and therefore, you cannot access the library. But you can sign up to start a program in your area!


Sources: [1] Reading to Boost Literacy.

8 thoughts on “Yes! Read to Your Newborn”

  • I recently read that children in kindergarten who were read five books a day have been exposed to one million words more then those who weren’t. I wish I had the free book program in my area!

  • I love reading to my 2 month old! I even asked for people to bring books for his baby shower! I hope he grows up with a love for reading.

  • I started reading to my daughter quite early– well before she could talk. I loved the way she would make sounds when I would stress every expression

  • I totally agree, never too early to read to your children. I read to my daughter since she was 8 days old. Now she is five and she creates her own story books. Can you believe? Kids brain are very complex!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Yes yes and yes!!! I totally agree. My son is just one and the phrases he sounds already is incredible. I credit a lot of that to reading to him from pregnancy. Great post mama!

  • Totally Agree. I love my story time with my 2 kids before naptime. They look forward to it every day. I will be doing the same thing with my newborn in September. Thanks for sharing

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